Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let's Go Colonial ....

This is a colonial wargaming offshoot of The Kingdom of Wittenberg. The colonial interests of the Kingdom are governed by the profiteering desires of their merchants; who have shares in sugar in the Carribean and the East India Compnay.

The blog will cover the colonial adventures of emigres from Wittenberg in two strands:

1. West Indies - Actions against pirates and the Gallians (french).
2. East Indies - primarilry in India, an 'imagi-nations' take on the Carnatic Wars; involving troops recruited from Wittenberg.

Well thats all for now, things are very much in the planning stage and I will add more posts here as things develop (it may take some time !!).


  1. All the best with this fascinating departure...

  2. May I add the Duchy of Tradgardland has an outpost in this part of the world...

  3. Looking forward to seeing this unfold!
    I'm leaning more and more into doing something similar myself.

  4. An interesting project indeed. I look forward to your posts . . . particularly those from India.

    -- Jeff

  5. Very promising and exciting.

    And yes, Tradgarland owns at least the Nicobar Islands. An opportunity for a future 'battle by proxy', maybe?

    As figure suppliers, what about Bear's Den? The 'India' range of the late (and lamented) London War Room was quite exhaustive: is it any hope it will be ressurected by another manufacturer -Brigade Games took up the Parroom Station and, I believe, the H&M Spanish ones?

    Looking eagerly forward for oncoming developments,

  6. Jean-Louis,

    Actually the Dayton Painting Consortium (RSM-95) has bought the old London Warroom Spanish line and they are listed on their web site.


  7. I really hope this doesn't interfere with Frankszonia's spice merchants!

  8. What a splendid idea! Y'know, with this rush to the Orient, Hetzenberg may well look to the East too.

  9. Methinks that Hesse Seewald might want to lay claim to a port in India very soon.