Sunday, August 5, 2012

Carribbean: First off 'Little Ships' coastal modules

The last couple of days I've been making some initial coastal modules for my littel ships, I decided on a small coastal port. Three modules, overall length 12 inches.
These are just 3mm MDF cut to shape, painted over in sand colour with mid-green, plus a little static grass, some small grass tufts and some foliage clusters. Monopoly houses painted up - door/window detail added with fine black marker pen; the little church is made-up from a hotel/house and some scrap bits.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Caribbean: back to the little ships ...

For some time I've wanted to make some scenic items to use with my little ships to make for more interest; so I've in mind coastal modules, islands, coast port/harbour etc. I wanted some buildings and the Monopoly plastic buildings are about the right size, so when I managed to buy a cheap old Monopoly set I was ready to tryout some of my ideas. I also managed to source some more little ships, HMS Victory, clipper ship and Mayflower.

I did some measuring and the little ship models I use are approximately 1/1200 scale, this gives me the option of using Rod Langton 1/1200 buildings/accessories. 

I made up a couple of coastal modules using 3mm MDF, and tried out some Monopoly plastic buildings  to check the effect.
Seems ok to me, now I'll finish off the modules I've started...