Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy with trees ...

I've been sorting out trees and palms for use either in the carribean or southern india, as you can see I've accumulated a few ...
The trees and palms have come from toy sets or bought as oddments from 'Car Boot' sales or in charity shops. I also bought some Woodland Scenics palm (in box on left). Next step is to terrain the bases and add some scatter etc.


  1. As silly as it sounds, probably the best place to buy palm trees is from one of various "cake decoration" companies.

    For example, here's a link to 144 4" palms for $8.95:

    -- Jeff

  2. A nice collection there. One can never have enough palm trees! The link Jeff provides is useful. If I ever go ahead with 15mm Sudan Colonial, I'll buy some.

  3. Thanks for the info Jeff

    -- Allan