Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Caribbean: A port somewhere ...

I've finished the rest of the pirate buildings from Games of War, so here they are with a few others, now I feel I can represent a small port on the gaming table ...


  1. Very nice indeed! The little town has an atmosphere all its own. I like the buildings.

    If I may make one suggestion, the dockside area does look a bit too clean. Maybe a few green and brown streaks along the bottom of the quay to represent seaweed and debris, and a wash of brown ink here and there to tone down the freshness of the stone would do the trick?

  2. Excellent as usual!

    Do you have some 'dockside faeries' to people this charming little town? Sailors do have urges... Oh, and a crude wooden table with simple chairs / benches to mark a given building as an inn...

  3. Wonderful! I always love seeing pics of your terrain and buildings and miniatures.
    (and the glimpse at the shelves of gaming stuff "behind the scene")

  4. Absolutely marvelous as usual...
    Abdul666 suggusted that I reguest to use your palace for some photos of the royal wedding between Prince Wilhelm and Lady Louise von Pilsner. Thanks...

  5. Very envious of your lay out!

  6. A J

    thanks for suggestion about improving the dockide area - it does look rather pritine.

    -- Allan

  7. A great collection - impressive.


  8. Beauiful terrain, i'm very jealous!