Saturday, January 14, 2012

Carribean: The Treasure of Capitain Bonnard ...

Red Jack has got a line onto the whereabouts of the treasure of the dead pirate Capitain Bonnard. He has found one of his ex-crew who say he knows where they buried the treasure and on which island.
Red Jack and his crew have been navigating the island chain of the Bahamas about 10 days sail from Jumeida. They are being followed by Blue Bess and her crew who also has one of Capitain Bonnard ex-crew who knows where the treasure is buried but not which island.
[Blue Bess - daughter of a failed sugar plantation owner, dab hand with a pistol and an expert swordsmen. Known for her ruthless insistance that her crew are reasonably dressed - no bright colours allowed - only blue (or grey, and maybe green) being permitted.].

Red Jack and his men land on the abandoned island of Saint Martin at one of the deserted settlements
Blue Bess and her men land on the other side of the Island ...
Both sides work their way into the jungle towards the rocky outcrop at the centre of the island where the treasure is supposed to be buried ..

Red Jack and his men have arrived at the rocky outcrop first, with Blue Bess and her men closing in..
Fighting breaks out between them ....
Red Jack is hit by a pistol shot and is carried off quickly towards a boat that was sent ahead round the island to a nearby inlet ..
The boat is made ready to take the injured Red Jack back to his ship ...
Red Jack's men have dug up the treasure and prepare to defend it ....
The treasure is moved down from the rocks as they fight off Blue Bess's men ...
The fighting intensifies as Red Jack's men try to get the treasure away ...
Blue Bess collects up her men and sets off in pursuit
Having lost Red Jack's men in the jungle Blue Bess's men start to squabble ..
Red Jacks men load up the treasure onto their boats and prepare to return to their ship ...


  1. But will they get safely away?

    -- Jeff

  2. Is this the end for daring Red Jack?

  3. Excellent! (I think I spotted a black panther of some sort and a large crocodile in the melee, too. tic toc)