Saturday, February 11, 2012

French Colonial troops and some Natives

I occasionally see what's available at Hinds Figures, on my last visit I spotted some of useful items - a 24 fig unit of white coated SYW and 2 x 15 fig units of natives (approx £2 a fig). So I bought them - as they filled a couple of gaps in my colonial collection.

The SYW unit on arrival, not too bad condition (a few bent muskets)
All that needed doing to them was straightening the muskets/bayonets a little touch in and rebasing. I changed the existing spontoon carrier and standard bearer to carry similar spontoons and  painted a few spare figures to bring up the numbers to my usual battalion size.
The native indians, these just had some sandy/grass mix added to the bases plus afew minot repairs; I also converted a few to slingers/archers.


  1. Nice figures. I guess it must make a change to "plug and play" a unit instead of painting it. Something I'd like to try one of these days...

  2. Interesting - I hadn't heard of them.