Saturday, August 4, 2012

Caribbean: back to the little ships ...

For some time I've wanted to make some scenic items to use with my little ships to make for more interest; so I've in mind coastal modules, islands, coast port/harbour etc. I wanted some buildings and the Monopoly plastic buildings are about the right size, so when I managed to buy a cheap old Monopoly set I was ready to tryout some of my ideas. I also managed to source some more little ships, HMS Victory, clipper ship and Mayflower.

I did some measuring and the little ship models I use are approximately 1/1200 scale, this gives me the option of using Rod Langton 1/1200 buildings/accessories. 

I made up a couple of coastal modules using 3mm MDF, and tried out some Monopoly plastic buildings  to check the effect.
Seems ok to me, now I'll finish off the modules I've started...


  1. The scale works for me, sir. Those ships look great.

    -- Jeff

  2. Those ships look like some I got from Dollar Tree here in the USA a long number of years ago. They were inside a thin glass sphere on top of a wooden plinth. I still have them somewhere but was unable to ever find anymore. I'm glad to learn that they may be close to 1:1200 because that gives me a potential for increasing the force using metal 1:1200 sailing ships.