Sunday, September 9, 2012

Carribbean: Something big ?

Red Jack is back ....

Aftre recovering from his wound while getting Bonnard's treasure at Saint Martin; Red Jack and his crew have been out of the Carribean for a while, picking up 'prizes' along the coast of the Americas.

Red Jack has returned to the Carribbean with a plan for 'Something big'; knowing he can't do it on his own he has arranged a meet with Blue Bess to arrange a joint venture ...

The two captain's ships bob at anchor near a small island; their crews keeping a wary eye on each other ...
Meanwhile on land Red Jack and Blue Bess are meeting .....
Red Jack: Are you in then ?
Blue Bess: Yes, at 50/50 shares of the spoils
Red Jack: So agreed we are, let's sort out the details .....


  1. Indeed a buxom and comely wench.

    Nice and atmospheric pics! I can almost hear some Korngold theme music in the background.

  2. By Jove! I do believe that one of "my" ships is in that first photo. I'm glad you were able to put them to use so quickly.