Saturday, December 1, 2012

Carribean: Little Ships - Islands, Merchants and Pirates ships

Had a good session today sorting out some pending items for my little ship projects; this time focussing on the Carribean. Firstly some simply based merchant ships ...
Next up some islands, the two back ones were made from a large island that was given to me. The one near the front is a Rod Langton island with a thin base to allow for beaches. All islands painted, and flocked with foliage clusters added.
Can't have merchant shipping swanning about without danger, so two small ships to represent the pirates in my 28mm games; one ship for Red Jack and the other for Blue Bess.
I made up an additional corner coastal module (on right hand side in picture below) and painted up some Rod Langton harbour sections - a safe port ...
Pirates can't operate with impunity, so commanded by Captain Biedekker is HMS Prince Albert (part sponsored by Wittenberg and other german states to protect their investments in the carribean), ready for action.

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