Saturday, January 26, 2013

Carribean: Native Village (1) - new items & initial work

I picked up some secondhand buildings at good price to use to start a small native village; buildings are perhaps not quite right - but I want them to be re-useable possibly in other contexts.
I also decided to re-use or modify some of my dark age houses as well..
The dark age hut with the door in the side, making a base for it from card and parts of plastic trees ....
The hut I bought is now based, the dark age hut with the door in the side is done as well. I have also done the small dark age hut - it is stuck on a cut down 1/32 scale table with some plasticard strips added to get the correct width
the steps used are from a pack I picked up in a model shop which specialises in boats (always worth a rummage for things that may be useful in any model shop). I've based the round house - which will act as the chiefs residence - on a simple square base - needs terraining etc ...
I probably do a nother couple of huts, then finish them all off; also in progress on the painting table are a few more pirates - including some women pirates

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