Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hindu Temple - WIP

Some in progress shots of work on the Hindu Temple, constructed with various thicknesses of card and some foamboard.

Phase1: firstly I made up a base and sourced some bits to help with the 'tower' (or vimana) and columns...

Phase 2: - the basic building structure (the roof sections come off to help with storage)
Phase 3: final detailing and some knobbly bits on the 'tower' - ready for a its base coat of paint
I plan to use some images of indian sculptures to finish it off.....


  1. Allan,

    You might be interested in looking at the following:

    Starting on January 27, 2014 he has a 4-part series of posts showing how he constructed a Southeast Asian Temple. So scroll down abit past halfway and read the posts in order . . . you might get some ideas for future builds.

    Your temple looks great by the way.

    -- Jeff

    1. Jeff, thanks for the link - gave me some ideas on how to proceed. Have been tweaking some images of indian temple sculptures - nearly ready to stick on to the temple model
      -- Allan

  2. It's shaping up nicely! I look forward to seeing the finished model.