Friday, February 9, 2018

Alternative table back scene boards ...

One of the problems with having a fixed set of backdrops is choosing what to have - I went with a generic European look, the only problem with that is when you want to do 1/1200 ships I put the blue sea cloth over the table but the backdrops jar - downland in the eye of view isn't quite right.

So I bought some new ones with just sky on and light grey cloud at the horizon (from the New Modellers Shop, see  I cut up some 3mm MDF in 8inch widths to use as additional back scenes - these rest reasonably well again the fixed ones;  the back scenes as purchased are wider and longer than my boards.
So I stuck the backscenes to the boards and trimmed off the excess; the two boards at the back of the table don't quite meet right - it seems my table is not quite flat - anyway the result is very pleasing overall ...
 the horizon now looks more realistic, with the 1/1200 ships
and the coastal sections
the alternative sky boards will be useful if I'm going to have sea as part of the table layout.


  1. Those look great. I've only recently converted to backdrops, but there's something to be said for a neutral sky.

  2. Very nice! I keep wanting to do some backdrops - need to figure out how to add them to a freestanding table which I don't want to mess up by fixing the backdrops to the table.