Saturday, August 21, 2010

India: Batallion - Compagnie Des Indes

The French increase their forces, the newly raised battalion of the 'Compagnie Des Indes' (morphed by changing the command stand from one of my Wittenberg battalions).
[figs : Front Rank figurines plus a couple of Irregular Miniatures]


  1. As we say in Provence about far-fetched imaginary tales: 'So good it deserves to be true'!

  2. I am also in the process of expanding my armies by adding command stands to existing units. Great minds opperating on the same tract...

  3. I like the "cream colored" coats. A good looking unit, sir.

    -- Jeff

  4. Nice way of making a unit serve more than one purpose! I like the new command stand (as well as the rest of the unit)!