Sunday, August 29, 2010

India: French Artillery and Commanders for both sides

French artillery completed; artillery crew from Jacdaw, guns from foundry ....
The french commander has arrived, the Count de Lolly (historically de Lally), and an aide from the Compagnie des Indes - 'a cheval et a pied'; figs Jacdaw and Foundry.

The rather portly british commander Lord Clove (historically Clive)  has managed to get onto his horse and is accompanied by his aide from the Madras european regiment (also shown on foot) figs Front Rank and Foundry.


  1. I am really becoming interested in Jackdaw figures. I ve order some command figures. Which guys are the Jackdaw? Thanks...

  2. Nice! I like the ox-drawn limbers and the command figures on foot and on horseback.

  3. Capt Bill - In the first picture all the artillery crew (not including the limber holders) are Jacdaw. In the second picture the mounted/foot command figs on the left are Jacdaw.

    -- Allan