Saturday, September 11, 2010

India: Elephants - on the modelling desk

The three war elephants have been assembled, these are supplied with men to sit astride the elephant plus one side of the elephant has a moulded on holder for spears which had to be rmeoved - I had to scratch build the howdahs (Elephants and mahoots - Irregular Miniatures, men in the howdahs Foundry)


  1. But make sure that mahout has an elephant gun so he can prevent an out-of-control pachyderm from stomping its own side's troops! That happened to me in a Roman Civil War game several years ago. Shudder!!


  2. Looking good! A nice addition to any Indian army.

  3. A very admirable job on the howdahs. They look really good. It's always hard to fit enough figures in those things!