Saturday, September 4, 2010

India: Elephants - of course

My next addition for the SYW in India will be some elephants, there will be one for the commander of a native army and 3 war elephants. Below is the command elephant (from Irregular Miniatures), plus a couple of oddment figures
I'll be ordering three more elephants and scratch building some howdahs and crewing them with Foundry figs.


  1. I am waiting to hear what painting scheme you will use for your elephants. The Indians colorful painting of their elephants would add an exotic flavor to the colonial campaign. I heard on NPR show that the old Mogul emperors would give gifts of white elephants to their emimies. The cost of upkeep would bankrupt them as a gift from the Mogul could not be discarded, hence the term "White Elephant".

  2. Essential indeed for the couleur locale!