Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pirate Ship No 2

The second of the two pirate ships has been completed from its raw state, a lick of paint for the deck and some colour to hull plus a suitable flag...

I'm off out later today to find some sutiable storage boxes for the ships, fortunately the masts are removable, so it shouldn't be too difficult a task.


  1. A lovely vessel, sir! As for storage, I can recommend the Really Useful Box range, available at Staples, Home Depot, etc. Of clear plastic, they're incredibly tough, come in a wide variety of sizes and have plastic handles at either end that clamp the lid tight.

  2. AJ

    Thanks for the tip. Went down the local Staples and had a look at the Really Useful Box range - just the sort of thing required - will pay another visit to get the boxes after I've checked dimesnsions are right

    -- Allan