Sunday, October 31, 2010

Harbour Coastal Modules finished

Finished offf the coastal modules, just had enough of my green cloth left; the cobbles and stonework are done using printed paper sheets. Here they are not looking very Carribean like, as I have a shortage of suitable buildings.
A closer look at the harbour front ....


  1. Perfect for naval landing parties. Have you seen Ospreys new piece on the amphibious attack on Havana?

  2. An excellent waterfront, full of gaming potential.

  3. Aside from your concern as to the `Caribbeaness` of the buildings, it looks great!

    -- Jeff

  4. Just fantastic stuff! I can imagine all kinds of fun operations one can try with a set-up like this: seaborne pirate raids; cutting out expeditions; a 'Copenhagen' type naval action; a seize and hold action in preparation for the landing of a major army...

    I do like those magnificent examples of European architecture, too.

  5. I am reminded by Jeff's comment that your set-up is intended rather for West (or East) Indian adventures. But what you have here would be quite appropriate for action in Baltic waters as well. No harm in multifunctionality.