Friday, August 26, 2011

Carribean: A close shave for Red Jack...

An outing for my little ships, a trial run through of  "Broadside & Cutlass" ruleset ....

The pirate Red Jack with his ship the 'Saucy Sue' has joined forces with Henri Jaune (know as Yellowbeard due to his fair hair) in his ship the 'Hortense'. They set out to target ships in the merchant shipping routes. They believe they can deal with HMS Prinz Albert between them if it shows up.

Unbeknown to them Prinz Albert has returned to Jumeida after damage in a storm and the newly arrived HMS Leopold (64 gunner) has taken station protecting merchantmen.

Sail ho ! off the larboard bow.  Yellowbeard takes the lead in the Hortense with Red Jack and the Saucy Sue following in - as they close with what they think are three merchantmen

Hortense bow rakes the lead merchantman, Red Jack realises the third ship is not a merchantman and hangs back slighlty believing it to be the Prinz Albert
The lead merchantman is badly dmaged and drifts while the other makes headway with full sail. HMS Leopold gets between the pirate ships, bow raking the Saucy Sue and stern raking the Hortense ...
Red Jack steers the Saucy Sue away giving the Leopold an ineffective broadside as they pass, meanwhile the Hortense's is rigging is damaged and she has few holes in the hull -she is losing speed ..
HMS Leopold catches up with the Hortense and gives them a hard pounding ....
The Hortense sinks, lost wih all hands (food for the sharks) ....
As HMS Leopold reduces sail to help the damaged merchantman, Red Jack makes his escape in the Saucy Sue.


  1. A good account . . . but if I was a sailor on one of those ships I would be fearful of that dangerous-looking yellow sky.

    -- Jeff

  2. All old sea dogs enjoy a brisk encounter on the high seas. Well done!

  3. A very nice, brisk little action. Red Jack might be facing a mutiny after that disaster...

    Really like the ships. Scratchbuilt I believe...?

  4. Ships are from a Dolls House accessory web site:

    Follow the 'SHIPS, BOATS & YACHTS' link on the right hand side of the screen.

    I have a about 15 more ships than used in the games - some of which had their ship's sides modified with printed stick on labels to represent gun deck/ports.

    -- Allan