Friday, December 30, 2011

Carribean: Quayside building

I bought a made-up Superquick card building of a town hall, it will also pass as a quayside building, customs house or warehouse. I've based it on a bit of 3mm mdf with a covering of paved 'paper sheet'.


  1. A fine building - it looks remarkably like the 18th Century Customs House in King's Lynn. Now I want one too!

  2. It looks great. I first read "Superquick" as meaning that it can be put together very quickly, but then I guess it's more like a brand name/company name?

  3. Superquick is a brandname for model railway card kit builidngs, see

    Also there is Metcalfe

    which has some useful ones as well. The kits require a bit of patience for assembly which is why I buy good secondhand ones at Toy & Train fairs.

    -- Allan

  4. A nice little kit - I might have to look into those.