Sunday, December 4, 2011

India: coming up (sometime ...)

The last of the English european units has reached the painting table. English infantry regiment no 39, the command is first, then to be followed by the rankers; the grenadier company is already finished. There are two command stand sets one for India and one for 18C europe for the unit to be a Fenwick battalion.

The outline plan to add the Indian allies is as follows:
1) Paint up the elephants I got ready a while back.
2) English ally - Bhaji of Bhovindi, some cavalry and infantry and artillery
3) French ally - Nawob of Tandoori, some cavalry and infantry and artillery
4) English and French sepoys


  1. Elephants are a necessity, though I'm not entirely sure what function they serve in an 18th/19th century army.

  2. Look forward to those elephants and to answer Conrad, target practice!