Saturday, July 14, 2012

India: Books Of Interest

I've been doing some background reading before I start work on the sepoys and native troops.

Firstly a good read on the life of' Lord Clive, Colonel G.B. Malleson; published orginally in 1893,
Malleson also wrote a book about the frenchman Dupleix  (Title: Rulers of India, Dupleix).

Secondly 'Britains Army In India' by James P Lawford, covers the period from the inception of the East India company up to the end of the Seven Years War.


  1. I'm wondering if the author of the Britain's Army in India is the same James P. Lawford who collaborated with Brig. Peter Young in writing the original Charge rules?

  2. justmike: yep, same chap (as far as I know)

    -- Allan

  3. Those do sound interesting.

    I remember, years ago, watching an old movie about Clive (circa 1940's, starring Ronald Colman, if memory serves). Probably highly inaccurate, but still, entertaining.