Saturday, October 23, 2010

In the Shipyards ... Prinz Albrecht

I recently obtained a Megablocks pirate ship, this is going to be Wittenberg's contribution to her treaty with Brittania for service in the carribean - to protect trade against pirates and privateers.

The first phase of the rebuild was to remove all the 'pips' from the decks and fill in the resulting holes, reassemble the ship and add the basis of the gun decks....
Next thing was to complete the new gun decks,
Finally add the masts, these were reduced in height by a couple of inches, looking good with some guns ...
There's a few things to do to finish off, then I can paint it and add sails.

I'm going to concentrate on finishing off my ships and crew, so two pirate ships to do and the Prinz Albrecht - piccies to come as things progress.


  1. She already looks good and proud!

  2. She's a fine ship, tip top and in Bristol shape.

    Try Old Glory for 28mm naval guns and carriages.

  3. If the Reich Duchy of Beerstein were not land locked, a naval project would be most fun! Your ships are an inspiatioin, Well Done...

  4. Reviresco is another source for Naval fittings:

    -- Jeff