Saturday, October 16, 2010

India: Naval - Give General Chase

Nice to get all the model shiops finished. I set them out on the wargame table to get a feel of how a game would looke - the French fleet tries to evade engagement and the British give chase, just catching up with the tail end of the french line....

From the historical sources I've been able to get the actual names of the main ships involved in engagements during the period:

British:  Cumberland 66, Yarmouth 64, Elizabeth 64,Weymouth 60,Tyger 60, Newcastle 50, Salisbury 50.

French: Zodiaque 74, Bien Aime 74, Compte De Provence 74, Vengeur 64, St Louis 64, Duc D'Orleans 50, Duc de Bourgogne 50, Conde 50, Moras 50, Sylphide 36, Diligent 24.


  1. They're quite impressive looking, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Oh-wow! ...really gorgeous! An enviable fleet from all points of view, Sir!