Saturday, May 8, 2010

Naval - some little ships

While browsing for some useful bits for my 18C rooms for the palace of Wittenberg, I came across some nice little ships in the local dolls house emporium; the are about 5-7cms in length. The models shown below are Mayflower and a HMS Victory.

Although a bit crude they make great models for naval warfare. I'm going to try and find the source of these and see if I can order couple more for evaluation.


  1. Those ships look quite good to me, sir. As for your "island", it works for me as well. Good stuff, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. I do like these -
    What sort of scale (dimensions) are we looking at here? They look as though they might be scratchbuildable... H'mmm...

  3. The ships are about 4cms high and 5-7cms in length; no idea of actual scale size though.

    As you say, you could easily copy the constrcuion method of one of them and make your own

    -- Allan