Saturday, May 22, 2010

West Indies: Pirate Island (3) - going green

I made up my terrain modules with 3mm MDF board on top and bottom with an interior fill (or frame) or 20mm/30mm wood battons. That gave the modules some height. Then I covered the modules with the remains of the green curtain I used for my gaming table surface; I'm thinking of doing the beaches using plastic wood and painting them a simple sand colour - we'll see how that turns out - I'm currently working on the trees/palms.


  1. An exotic paradise! Add a few comely native girls, and whole crews will mutiny to stay there!

  2. It is looking quite good, sir.

    -- Jeff

  3. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing how the beaches come out.

    Methinks I spy a black panther prowling around...

    That's a great shade of green (not so much for curtains, but great for a game table. lol). Does it have some sort of texture like velvet or felt?

  4. The green curtain material I used has a plain weave with no texture.

    -- Allan