Sunday, May 30, 2010

West Indies: Pirate Island (4) - Having a look round ...

I finished off all the trees and jungle pieces, including some rocky outcrop sections (small pieces from Javis scenics; the large pieces - don't know). The beaches on the island sections have been done and painted so here it is ...

Colonists (?) unload in the bay ...
Another of the little boats surveys the island from the sea ...


  1. Very nice and attractive as always! I like your little extra touches, like the sea turtles on the beach.

  2. This Island doesn't go by the name 'Treasure', does it? Looks very like... The turles just make that final touch to a fine and fascinating project.
    I look forward to seeing young Jim Eaglens, Dr Deadsey, and the Squire Trepaddocky
    adventuring; with Long Tom Gold villaining about the landscape...

  3. A wonderful island retreat, maybe the Reich Duke should but a lot and build a beach villa for those rare short vacations...

  4. Looks like a splendid place for fun, relaxation and a bit of adventure too.

    -- Jeff

  5. A delightful slice of the tropics. Such an innocent-looking landscape can't be the scene of future skulduggery, surely..?