Friday, March 19, 2010

Whatever happened to they ships ?

Sometime ago on my WIttenberg blog I posted some pictures of ships which I converted from Playmobil ones, here they are again for those of you who didn't seem them.

They have acquired some crew, mostly Old Glory and Foundry figs. They have all been based and I'm in the process of adding some plastic wood onto the bases. As to painting them - sometime !

Saturday, March 13, 2010

India SYW Info and Some new Links

Firstly a really useful booklet to have for India SYW from Miniatures Wargames, which I obtained last month

This lovely booklet was a special offer from Miniature Wargames (for 3 x 2nd Class stamps), contains some background info, army compositions and a description of each of the major battles (OOB, map etc).

I've also started a new references/links section for Naval info.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Let's Go Colonial ....

This is a colonial wargaming offshoot of The Kingdom of Wittenberg. The colonial interests of the Kingdom are governed by the profiteering desires of their merchants; who have shares in sugar in the Carribean and the East India Compnay.

The blog will cover the colonial adventures of emigres from Wittenberg in two strands:

1. West Indies - Actions against pirates and the Gallians (french).
2. East Indies - primarilry in India, an 'imagi-nations' take on the Carnatic Wars; involving troops recruited from Wittenberg.

Well thats all for now, things are very much in the planning stage and I will add more posts here as things develop (it may take some time !!).