Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Carribean: Getting safe to port ...

A sort of run the gauntlet game, where merchantmen have to reach safe port - evading pirates and sometimes with protection (pirate ship and naval patrol arrivals randomized by good old D6 dice).
HMS Prince Albrecht, commanded by Captain Biedekker, on patrol in the shipping lanes approaching Port Marian on the north of island of Jumeida.
The port at this time of the year receives ships for re-victualling before taking their cargos north to america. Watch out for pirates !!!
Day 1: The pirate Red Jack in his ship the 'Saucy Sue' bears down on a merchant nearing the port, only to find Prince Albrecht as well !
Red Jack manouvres the 'Saucy Sue' well and stern rakes the merchant and bow rakes Prince Albrecht.
The mechant drifts with its rigging shot to pieces with the the 'Saucy Sue' trying to get in close. Prince Albrecht has gone downwind and is trying to find room to turn about.
The mechant ship sinks after a broadside from the Saucy Sue, but Prince Albrecht catches up and broadsides are exchanged..
The Saucy Sue is left drifting, with not much sail, however  Prince Albrecht overruns with sail on but is left unable to tack or wear. Red Jack manages to get away ... it'll be a couple of days before either vessel is ready for action again.
Later on a ship puts out from Port Marian to rescue any survivors from the merchant ship and salvage what they can before the ship finally sinks.
Day2: The pirate Blue Bess, in her ship the 'Owls Lament' known as Old Beaky, chases a merchant
Success, Old Beaky catches the merchant and boards her - plenty of booty !

Day3:The pirate Blue Bess in Old Beaky spots another merchant,
The merchantman manouvres round the island, while Old Beaky is slow to turn into the wind ...
The merchantman makes it to Port Marian,  Old Beaky veers off not wanting to get to close to the small fort and the shore batteries that protect the port.
Day 4: Two merchant ships on their way to Port Marian are intercepted by Red Jack in the Saucy Sue
The merchantmen put on all sail and head for port; meanwhile Prince Albrecht is nearby ...
Prince Albrecht managed to come about but overshot Red Jack in the 'Saucy Sue', ineffectual broadsides were exchanged in passing. The 'Saucy Sue' continues her pursuit...
The merchantmen make it to port and the Saucy Sue veers off, wanting to get away before being caught by Prince Albrecht again.
No prizes for Red Jack, but success for Blue Bess. Captain Biedekker on the Prince Albrecht is much annoyed at Red Jack having got away from him twice - he'll keep his crew busy with extra drill to chivvy them up...
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum .......

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Carribean: Little Ships - Islands, Merchants and Pirates ships

Had a good session today sorting out some pending items for my little ship projects; this time focussing on the Carribean. Firstly some simply based merchant ships ...
Next up some islands, the two back ones were made from a large island that was given to me. The one near the front is a Rod Langton island with a thin base to allow for beaches. All islands painted, and flocked with foliage clusters added.
Can't have merchant shipping swanning about without danger, so two small ships to represent the pirates in my 28mm games; one ship for Red Jack and the other for Blue Bess.
I made up an additional corner coastal module (on right hand side in picture below) and painted up some Rod Langton harbour sections - a safe port ...
Pirates can't operate with impunity, so commanded by Captain Biedekker is HMS Prince Albert (part sponsored by Wittenberg and other german states to protect their investments in the carribean), ready for action.