Monday, March 23, 2015

Quick Figure comparison ...

I've been buying a few figures from a couple of ranges to get some idea on how they'll mix together;  a quick comparison shot
 Left to right: 1st Corps british sepoy, Essex officer, Indus Miniatures Baluchi officer, Redoubt (two), Indus artillery man, foundry artillery man.

The Redoubt figures are nice sculpts but are 30mm and won't mix in with the others in close proximity; in units on their own with some careful basing they could be alright.
I've been musing on unit sizes and trying to come up with an overall 'look and feel'. I'm not going to try and re-fight the big battles,  instead I will be aiming for something smaller with little armies composed of companies of european troops and sepoys with some indian allies either fighting each other or maybe taking on a 'small' indian army.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Indian Artillery - refurbished, and command vignette

Indian artillery refurbished,

Plus a new small on foot command vignette using Redoubt figures