Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Alas - no more ....

After a lot of thought I have decided to stop my gaming project in the Caribbean for the foreseeable future.

The bulk of the completed units will become involved in the Monrovia/Fenwick/Wittenberg wars; as most of the figures were dual purpose serving in Europe and in the Caribbean this at least keeps the little fellas gainfully employed.

All buildings/scenics will be retained, being re-employed as needed on other game projects.

Main characters:

  • Captain Bidekker - has accepted a post in the Wittenberg river flotilla
  • Red Jack the pirate - rumoured to have retired to england to live off his ill gotten gains ?
  • Randell and Hopkerk's expedition to the Yucatan has finished, they will return to England to write a book about it and will tour Europe giving lectures
The Blog will remain in place as it makes a nice record of my games and modelling projects