Thursday, November 26, 2015

India: Encounter at Nellipore

The british have learnt the french are sending a small force to take control of Bijapur on the border of the Bhaji of Bhovindi's territory; in response to this the british have sent some troops to take control of Nellipore on the main road to Bijapur

Each side has a troop of dragoons, 1 company of europeans, 3 companies of sepoys and a light gun.


 The french on the march, not far from Nellipore .....
 The british column nears Nellipore ...
the french dragoons have pushed forward as the head of both columns enters the small town
 the french and british deploy, some fire from the british cannon encourages the french dragoons to fall back
The british cavalry charged the french sepoys to the north of the town, but were repulsed with heavy casualties; continuing fire from the british cannon is too much for the french dragoons who fall back in total disorder
the french dragoons rally near a clump of trees
firefight in progress between the british and french europeans in the town....
on the british right flank the sepoys rout after coming under fire from french cannon and the advancing french sepoys...
the french dragoons have worked their way round and have come up behind the british left flank
the british position is now untenable, as dusk approaches they manage to withdraw leaving the french in control of Nellipore.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

India: Battalion of French Sepoys

[Figs: Sepoys from Parkfield Miniatures,  drummer Foundry, french officers Front Rank and Old Glory]