Thursday, July 14, 2016

'Maya' Ruins (WIP)

For possible further adventures in the area of the Honduras, I've been working on some stone ruins - a low pyramid and a couple of generic walled buildings.

I was given a bag of large wall sections resin castings,  these were just right to make the main structure of the small pyramid and the walls of two ruined buildings
 a check for size in some jungle bits, looking OK..
 for the pyramid I started by creating the bottom layer in the corners using cardboard and then filling in the steps with layers of foamboard
 all steps are done, every 3 steps up has a longer step for a figure ...
 Added two more layers and the top - all of the basic structure done..
need to add some rubble to the ruins, paint them and then add suitable plastic foliage. I may keep the pyramid not to overgrown.